Aslec Home Care F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about AHC, or if you need support, please drop us a message on our contact page.

1. What is Aslec Home Care?

AHC is a non-medical in-home care company that specializes in providing clients with compassionate caregivers.

2. Are you Licensed?

Yes. We are licensed and bonded to provide non-medical in-home care, authorized in our state where licensing is required and some of our caregivers are certified.

3. How will you know the client’s needs?

We visit our clients and give them a free assessment. A case manager, professional team members will meet up with you, then they document and complete a Care Plan that is helpful to our team and to our clients’ family.

4. What is the rate of your services?

Our rates varies on the individual’s care needs. Some seniors need less than 24-hour care, while some elderly need live-in care. You may contact us via phone or email us to inquire further. We also give a free evaluation and assessment so we can discuss the Plan of Care. Our team will be happy to meet and discuss the level of care the client needs.

5. Do you Accept Insurance?

Yes. If your loved one has a long term care insurance policy, you may apply for coverage for in-home care. He/she might also consider converting a life insurance policy into cash to help for in-home care.

6. If I don’t like my caregiver, can I call and change my caregiver?

Yes, you have the option to choose which caregiver you like, and we are always happy to assist.

7. Will I pay for my caregiver’s health insurance?

According to California labor Law, the employer, AHC, is responsible for paying health insurance which is included in the workers’ compensation.

8. If I want a live-in caregiver how does it work?

Please contact us via phone or email for more information regarding live-in care.

9. How do you screen your caregiver?

We make sure that all caregivers submit the required documentation pertaining their educational and employment histories. Every caregiver is fully screened; we do background checks. Our candidates must pass a medical exam and a TB test. We conduct interviews with each caregiver to ensure their mental well being. We do drug tests if necessary. We only hire well-trained and experienced people in the field.

10. Why should I choose AHC?

Having a caregiver from AHC gives you peace of mind:

  1. We handle payroll and taxes thru ADP.
  2. We screen caregiver applicants, we do the background and history checks.
  3. We are bonded and have insurance, including worker’s compensation.
  4. We send a reliever in case your caregiver is sick or is on vacation.

11. Can I terminate our contract when I don’t need a caregiver anymore?

Yes. The agreement can be canceled at anytime with written notice or by calling us immediately:

1 (650) 520-6005

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Got a question for us? We’re always looking for ways to enhance our services, and we’re continuously listening to our customers. That is a guarantee.