How we work

how we work

A practical yet loving In-Home Care & Support with Aslec Home Care (AHC)

Our AHC care team of professional team members will be happy to meet and discuss the level of care and attention your loved one needs. After our meeting, we will provide you with a free evaluation and a complete risk assessment profile.

Our care team will structure a customized care plan for you. We take into consideration your wishes, feelings, and choices. Our team of skilled healthcare professionals does regular assessments of your care plan too, to ensure client satisfaction.

We then follow the customized care plan, which contains all the relevant information we need to meet your care needs. The AHC team also keeps and provides daily records.

If you decide you would like your care provided by AHC, we will give you a start date from when your care with AHC will start. A carer/s will be assigned to care for you or your loved ones as we believe in providing you with continuity of care.

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